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In order to provide the highest quality of workshop possible while still keeping workshop fees affordable, EcoSpark invests most of its Nature Academy budget in program staff, take-away resources and equipment. Not much is leftover for program promotion, but — luckily for us — the best things in life (and outdoor education programs) are free.

If you had a fantastic experience at a workshop, we would love for you to refer us to your friends and colleagues. No advertisement we could place is quite as convincing a recommendation from a trusted friend or respected colleague! So, don’t be shy. Please help us reach our goal of reaching thousands of teachers and students in Ontario.

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Here are some super simple ways you can help promote Nature Academy:

  • Tell your colleagues about us! Post one of our flyers in your staff room and offer up your friends & colleagues promo code to encourage fellow teachers to take one of our workshops
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! Share our content with your own friends and followers
  • Volunteer to write a piece about your workshop experience for your school, school board or teacher association (e.g., OSSTF, COEO, STAO, OAGEE) newsletter or magazine, alerting thousands of teachers (potentially) to our program
  • Write us a testimonial. Your kind words will go a long way in our annual report and in grant applications, which we’re writing to help us to grow Nature Academy across the province

Thank you for your support!

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